Lets stimulate your childrens senses

As Mothers, we know that the toys and games our children play with have a direct impact on
their development. As such we are always searching for meaningful, educational toys that stimulate
our kids and develop their motor and cognitive skills. In today’s marketplace of consumerism,
our kids are attracted to colorful plastic, shiny lights, and commercials driven toys and games
that fill the shelves in our local toy store. But the question is, are these just shiny toys or do they
actually play an essential role in our kid’s development.
There is plenty of research which indicates the immense contribution of toys and games can
make to our children’s cognitive, social, motor, sensory, emotional and social development.
This is especially important at young ages when a child’s brain is developing fast and
can take in new information and stimuli very rapidly.
But it doesn’t matter how young or old your child is, toy and game playing should be fun but
should also develop your child’s sensory skills and abilities without them even being aware of it!
Dancing to music, interactive movement games, role-playing and imagination games are all
ways that children’s senses are stimulated in a structured but exciting environment.
Pre-school age kids have great imaginations, and the “pretend play” games they play develop
a wide range of social, emotional and cognitive skills while at the same time stimulating
imagination and creativity. We also want to encourage kids at this age to use accessories,
such as paint brushes, and tools for certain jobs or household chores to develop hand-eye
coordination and fine motor skills. Building blocks, stacking cups, lego (age-appropriate sizing)
and colored objects of different shapes and sizes help to focus attention and develop cognitive skills.
Children with learning challenges require meaningful toy and game playing even more, using
attractive, colorful, bright toys that also provide a meaningful, educational role in a fun way.
These toys are required to stimulate kids with differentiated learning, learning challenges and
sensory issues, which means they can be used at home and school.
The Pick-A-Toy company has created a range of brightly colored toys and games, made from
high quality, eco-friendly, durable material which is safe and totally child-friendly.
All products are thoughtfully designed to stimulate your child's senses, develop motor,
communication, and cognitive skills, and are actually fun to play with – both for kids,
adults, and educators!
The games are developed to aid stress reduction and promote focus and attention
(such as the Hedgehog Rings), boost concentration and help deal with anxiety and boredom
in class (such as the Hedgehog Rolls), promote calmness, a feeling of security and help
to manage fidgeting in class (such as Fidget Bouncy) and stimulate hearing and sound senses providing the child with a sense
of calmness and relaxation (such as Bamboo Rainstick).